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Make a Quilt With Your Old Scrubs!

Make a Quilt with Old Scrubs!!
Medical professionals tend to accumulate many set of scrubs throughout their careers. Rips, stains, improper fit, change in job or style/color requirements all contribute to the many new sets being purchased. Just think of how many you're purchased throughout your career. So what to do with the old sets? Why not make a quilt! Scrub tops have great novelty prints, so they are fun to use. Once completed your quilt can be used at your home or donated to the homeless or even a nursing home. 
Quilts can also make a great gift for someone who may be retiring from their field. They can also be gifted as a memorial gift.
If you are not crafty or the thought of this project scares you, consider hiring someone to complete your project. Or you can visit your local craft store for sewing lesson and to purchase a quilt pattern. Or stay tuned for other ideas to repurpose scrubs.
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